About Us

About The Chocolate Sanctuary

The Chocolate Sanctuary is an escape from the ordinary, providing a sanctuary for diners during at all hours of the day. From an early-morning mocha and fresh pastry, to fresh, exotic salads and amazing burgers, to long evenings of shared plates, paired wines and new flavors. Chef Ahmed’s menu celebrates the cocoa bean in its many forms – diners will find a variety of beautifully plated main courses, appetizers and desserts that incorporate the restaurant’s namesake ingredient alongside delicious options where chocolate is optional – or non-existent.

Guests can relax in a swanky cocktail and dessert lounge that provides a view of the pastry chefs preparing the restaurant’s delightful confections. The drink menu features craft cocktails, over 15 chocolate martinis and other cocoa-infused libations. The wine list features delectable-but-affordable rare selections from [[countries]]. The coffee, chosen for its tasty notes of cocoa, raisin, wine and nuts, is ground and brewed tableside in an intricate coffee syphon.

Menu items include small plates and, of course, over-the-top desserts. And while our signature dessert is a tabletop chocolate fountain, the menu contains a variety of non-chocolate sweets.